Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sphaeropsis or Diplodia Tipblight- Austrian & Scotch Pines

This is the disease that makes the tips of needles of these pine trees turn brown in the late spring and early summer. The disease starts on the lower branches and then works upward. With time, and the disease out of control, the tree or trees will look so terrible most owners cut them down as they become an eyesore. Also, please note the top picture, as you can see how the disease starts on one tree then spreads to other nearby trees. If you do not stop the disease with a funcicide spray, it will continue to the adjoining tree or trees and it will consume all the trees in the group.

However, this disease is controllable with timely fungicide sprays and the removal of the brown tips and also removing of the old needles and old pine cones on the ground under the tree. The brown needle tips and the old needles and cones under the tree contain fungus spores which reinfect the tree. When these items are removed there is less of a chance of infection. I have many customers that "police" their trees as to the removal and "cleanup" of the brown tips and old needles and pine cones. They do have a high rate of "success" in saving their trees with this cleanup operation.!

All of my customers that have this disease on their trees get my "instruction sheet" on how to control this disease based on information provided from the University of Illinois at Champaign.

This control program works, but it takes energy on your part to accomplish this disease control. Usually, trees have both Sphaeropsis and Zimmerman Borers at the same time. Fungicide sprays are very effective in the early spring and summer.

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Unknown said...

Good thing that its actually curable, there are some diseases that spread like wild fire due to certain pests and insects, like the emerald ash borer.

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