Saturday, August 06, 2005

Saved River Birch on Culpepper Drive. Naperville, IL

Yes, saved from becoming firewood!

This very large River Birch tree right in back of the garage did not have any iron injections for 5 years, as the new owners were unaware that the tree needed iron to survive. This tree had all yellow leaves that were also very small. It was very-very sick.

Additionally this tree had a very useful life, as it provided shade to the house and deck in the morning sunlight. Losing a large tree like this one would drastically reduce the value of this property.
In Naperville, people buy trees with houses!

I injected this River Birch with my special iron on June 2, 2005 with 3 following small injections spaced apart by 1 day. It's called tender and loving tree care!

Today, this tree is having a very nice life providing shade to the house and deck.
Plus, its healthy existence is making this home a more valuable piece of property.

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