Saturday, August 06, 2005

Gettysburg Ct. Pin Oak-- Naperville, IL

On The Immediate Left, This Pin Oak Had An Iron and Manganese Injection On August 1, 2005 Under Severe Drought-Actually Dust Bowl Conditions!---Watch The Progress!

The Photo On The Top Left Was Taken On August 31, 2005 --30 Days After The First Injection...The Tree Has Turned Green and Please Notice It Has Got Much More Dense As My Special Iron /Manganese Formula Works Its Wonders!!!-All This Without Any Watering Of The Tree!!--- Another "Saved" Pin Oak In Naperville.

Your Tree Can Be Treated and Saved Even If It's A River Birch or a White Oak!

On The Right, Note The Plastic Tubes Being Used to Inject Iron & Manganese Into The Tree. They Are Handmade By Me and They Only Require An Injection Hole of 5/16 Inches Which Is Less Than 1/2 Of the Diameter Of A Pencil---- VERY UNIQUE !

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