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Austrian & Scotch Pine Insect Problems-Zimmerman Borers

Chicagoland Insect Warning April 18, 2006

The University of Illinois is warning that insects that bore in trees are going to be very active due to the drought conditions that now prevail. Drought stricken trees (Austrian & Scotch Pines) will receive much more damage this 2006 season, as wood-boring insects such as Zimmerman Pine Moth larvae will find it much easier to bore into these trees. Stressed trees also give of chemical clues to insects that bore into them and then these insects are more aware as to which trees are in trouble so they really can pin-point their attack. Water deficient trees also have a reduction of defense chemicals, due to the lack of moisture within the cells of the trees thus making them a much better target for these "tree wrecking" insects.

The bottom line of these drought stressed Austrian and Scotch pines is that these trees will harbor many-many more of the usual population of these insects. This will result in much more "internal boring damage" to your trees this season. This boring damage is not repairable.

My disease and insect programs are sound, proven methods of control and most important, I use only proven insecticides and fungicides that are effective on these troublesome trees.


Above, is a photo for you to look at and then go out to your trees and check for the "white masses" as shown on my photo. You will not see any insects or larvae as they are very small and very hard to locate. The "white masses" denotes the active presence of Zimmerman Pine Moths. Inspect your tree or trees from top to bottom for these easy to find "white masses".

These insects are Zimmerman Pine Moth Borers and they can be controlled in April and early May 2006 with "a unique NEW " insecticide that is used to "soak" the bark of the trees to get where these borers hide and hibernate and also the spraying of the insecticide will "nail" them when they are crawling around in the tree in the spring

The damage created by "Zimmerman Borers" are internal borings which destroys and weakens the branches and trunk. In the upper right photo the borers have weakened the trunk to an extent that it has snapped off. Their favorite place to work is about 3 to 4 feet down from the top of the tree where they bore deeply into the trunk so bad that the trunk breaks off as shown in the above photo. You will lose the whole top of the tree when this happens! These are troublesome trees but they are salvageable through the use of insecticides and fungicides.

Timing of insecticide sprays are critical, as these insects are more active when the weather is warm. The tend to hide under bark scales of the tree when the temperatures get lower, making them an elusive target.

Please call me at 630-759-3035 and I will be right out to save your trees and remember, all that you need at this point in time is one insecticide spray.

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